Companies currently operate in constantly changing economic conditions. In such a turbulent environment, enterprises attempt to improve their productivity; minimize their costs; expand their sales networks; aiming at retaining their competitiveness and at achieving sustainable growth.

Socio-economic and legal framework changes, production as well as consumer patterns alterations, and technological developments impact on corporate capabilities, create opportunities but generate also risks for their development.

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Thus, organizations need to be robust and flexible enough in order to continuously respond to all changes immediately, and to be able to redesign procedures and practices as well as to develop new solutions.

The Operational Advisory Department supports businesses at strategic, operational and financial level. Following a customized approach for each client and focusing on their concerns, we understand their particular issues in depth and comprehend their needs, hence designing and implementing effective solutions to their needs. We implement integrated business methodologies and practices in a coherent manner in order to guide and support our clients in major strategic, operational, financial, and administrative issues they face.

To accomplish “vertical” integrated solutions, Operational Advisory services are provided through three concrete pillars: 

  • Business Risk Services (services related to operational risks),
  • Project Finance (services related to financing business activities and evaluation of investment plans and decisions) and
  • Business Consulting (services / counseling for the operational and performance improvement).

Our solutions

Business Risk Services

Our Business Risk Services aim at mitigating corporate risks that businesses encounter. In addition, our Compliance services are focused on assisting organizations to adjust in the increased regulatory requirements set by Regulatory and other Statutory Authorities. Furthermore, BRS supports businesses to develop and implement Sustainable Development principles and plans as well as provides consulting services to Board of Directors in order to develop and apply Corporate Governance principles. More precisely, such services include:

  • Internal Audit Services (Outsourcing / co-sourcing)
  • Compliance Audit and Consulting
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Internal procedures reporting and assessment
  • Corporate Governance Services
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Services (CSR)
  • IT Audit.

Project Finance – Government and Infrastructure Advisory

Project Finance services are focused on consulting businesses and organizations for exploring funding opportunities in order to finance their business projects through Concession Contracts or Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). GIA services aims at enabling businesses to exploit funding opportunities through the NSRF or European Funding Organizations (EIB, EIF, etc) and Programmes, through the Development Law and other relevant national or international funding Programmes. In addition, GIA services cover a range of studies, such as feasibility studies, cost - benefit analyses, as well as the development and the evaluation of Investment Plans. Specifically, GIA services include:

  • Consulting services for the design, support, funding and implementation of Concession projects or PPPs
  • Design, implementation, application and evaluation of financial instruments.
  • Independent Expert Review of Investment Plans
  • Design and monitoring of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Consulting services for exploiting funding opportunities
  • Consulting services for developing and monitoring Investment Plans
  • Consulting services for real estate property and assets exploitation
  • Preparing Investment Plans’ Reports

Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services pertain to the provision of services regarding the strategic business planning, the internal organizational transformation, the improvement of operational effectiveness and the costs rationalization as well as the data analysis and tools’ development for improving the corporate financial function. Furthermore, BC can support in developing Business Plans for operational and financial improvement. BC has developed expertized solutions for family businesses, for enabling and building clusters as well as providing Project Management services. In particular, those services consist of the following:

  • Strategic Consulting (Consulting for both strategy design and implementation)
  • Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)
  • Data Analytics (Data analysis and data dissemination for supporting corporate decision making)
  • Finance Management (Tools for the improvement of the corporate financial function)
  • Family Business Advisory, business clustering and social entrepreneurship
  • Project Management Office (PMO)

Why Grant Thornton 

Grant Thornton Greece and the Operational Advisory Department are characterized by professionalism coupled with expertise and know-how and provide high quality services to “unlock” potential for growth. Through our services we enable the resolution of management and corporate governance problems, address any financial and funding constraints and are able to identify and provide operational optimization solutions. The added value of Operational Advisory consists mainly of our customer-oriented approach; the thorough client’s needs examination, the timely problem identification and the consistent problem transformation into appropriate business solutions.