Inevitably, as technology develops, information and efficiency have merged with internet, mobile technologies (such as smartphones and tablets), cloud, eventually leading to your client involvement in your processes, and rendering better services. Thus, technology has become extremely important.

IT Business Consulting services of Grant Thornton Greece bring over 20 years of experience, making themselves available to your business, and are in position to offer integrated solutions, which will simplify as well as decisively improve both - business planning and implementation of your processes. The specialized Grant Thornton IT team will always be there for you to provide solutions and services in the following areas:

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  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics 
  • Implementation and Support of ERP solutions
  • Facilities and Equipment Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • IT Project Management & Information Systems Redesign
  • Risk Assessment and Information Systems Compliance
  • Information Systems Security Services
  • User training / Seminars

Enterprise Performance Management

The need for strategic management of information circulating within an organization has become more intense than ever. Nevertheless, business managers are often required to take important decisions without having the desirable visibility throughout the entire enterprise.

Enterprise Performance Management solutions of Grant Thornton IT consulting group provide access to information that cover the entire entity, thus offering the opportunity to assess all the processes within it. Once the "single version of the truth" has been made available, you will get a clear picture of the impact your strategic moves will have on profitability and cost reduction, budget and your financial planning.

Integrated Business Planning

Timely and reliable delivery of your products to the clients at a price that allows you to be competitive, while maintaining high profitability, constitutes the perfect balance between a high level of service and achieving your company's objectives.. Obviously, proper supply chain planning has a key role to the success of your business.

However, all too often you are confronted with huge volumes of data, constant changes and restrictions that prevent you from proceeding with proper planning of your company's logistics operation. Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services examine the needs of your business and offer modern technology solutions that allow you to optimize your supply chain, from the level of strategic planning to everyday management of supply and demand. We help you get an overview of procedures regarding demand planning, supplies and Sales & Operations Planning, so that you can make fast, accurate and informed decisions, bringing your business ahead of the competition.

Business Intelligence & Analytics 

Grant Thornton Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions allow you to discover the value that underlies the complexity of the data you are interested in. You can create your own, personalized reports and give answers to questions the moment they arise through any device, fixed or mobile, wherever you are. Moreover, our solutions enable the teams to edit corporate data in a common way and exchange views in real time and in complete safety. This way we help you make innovative decisions, always properly documented. Using the experience of Grant Thornton IT consultants, it will be in your power to ask the right questions, measure the right Important Performance Indicators (KPIs), based and focused on your segment, and discover the perfect recipe for lower costs and further profitability.

Implementation & Support of ERP solutions

Every modern organization operating in the economic arena uses solutions in order to manage its business resources, known as ERP systems. These systems have become the backbone of a company and one of the key factors of its proper operation, interconnecting all the company’s departments. However, on several occasions, the people find themselves trapped in an ERP system that has neither the appropriate technology nor was implemented based on their specific needs and requirements.

Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services consultants make available to you over 20 years of experience in large IT projects with leading companies. They will be there for you to offer state-of-the-art solutions with high functionality, great user experience and unique features covering both present and future needs. Moreover, they will help you choose the solution that answers the specific needs of the segment in which you operate and ensure that it is implemented based on the unique features of your company. And all this with minimal risk to your investment.

Facilities & Equipment Management

Innovative and successful companies are aware that effective management of their assets is not only a source of cost savings, but also a basis for further development. Grant Thornton is committed to implementing integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions enabling you to closely monitor the status and performance of your assets and make decisions based on real data. Profound knowledge of the specialized requirements of every segment makes Grant Thornton consultants valuable allies in your quest to improve the reliability of your equipment and risk management and maximize the effectiveness of maintenance, reducing the cost of inventories and facilitating compliance with regulations and requirements. Thus, management of your company's assets becomes a substantial competitive advantage.

Enterprise Content Management

The volume of information produced, trafficked and consumed within an organization has exponentially grown , while technological developments allow users to access data they need outside the confines of the company, from any mobile device. More and more companies recognize the importance of information "residing" in the cloud and social media. The need for strategic use of all the content in whatever forms, digital or printed, has become nonnegotiable.

At Grant Thornton we believe that simple management of content is not enough. By using leading Enterprise Content Management solutions and with the experience of our consultants in IT Business Consulting Services, your company will be able to incorporate content in its business processes and practices from wherever it comes. This way, you can reduce your operating costs, will increase productivity, improve customer service and will minimize the risk, since the access and flow of information will be under control. Therefore, your corporate content will be transformed into a strategic advantage.

Customer Relation Management

Building solid, lasting relationships with clients is, perhaps, the key priority for a business. This proves to be increasingly difficult today. The competition is getting tougher and technological developments have radically changed the way potential clients are approaching the companies in order to obtain products and services. The need to redefine the way you reach out to the client is more obvious than ever.

Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services enable you to maximize the impact of every client’s contact with all company departments, from Sales and Marketing, to Support and Service. Implementing solutions with advanced functionality, particularly designed for your business, leads to easier identification of new opportunities and increased efficiency, whether you work from your desktop or from a mobile device. This way, you can design a more personalized interaction with your clients, organize more targeted and effective Marketing campaigns, improve service levels, increase customer satisfaction and ensure customer loyalty.

Human Capital Management

In any modern organization, employees are regarded as an asset, whose value can be increased through proper management and turned into a driving force for the development of the business. Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services put at your disposal the modern technological Human Capital Management solutions that enable you to maximize the human capital you already have. This way, you will be in position to effectively manage processes such as talent management and recruitment, candidate selection, performance and career management. Gaining time through carrying out procedural matters, HR department of your company will be free to address what really has value, i.e. development of your people.

IT Project Management & Information Systems Redesign

The environment in which a company operates is constantly changing and the competition it is faced with is becoming even tougher. In order to maintain their competitive advantage, companies decide to proceed with significant investments upgrading their IT infrastructure. However, while this strategy is a step in the right direction, if not carried out correctly, it can cause problems to the smooth operation of the business. Moreover, as it quite often has been recorded in IT services segment, major projects derogate from the initial timetable casing a negative impact on the budget, return on investment and, in general, on the entire success of the project.

Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services can help you effectively manage IT projects, no matter how small or large they may be, and propose improvements where necessary. Our approach includes identification of the project objectives, establishment of a timetable with clear and distinct roles for everyone involved, close monitoring of the project progress in relation to predetermined targets, confirmation of compliance with the budget and, finally, the top quality of the final result.

Risk Assessment & Information Systems Compliance

In an economy that is increasingly based on efficient management of information, crucial significance has been placed on the need for effective safeguarding of the value of information within the limits of an organization. Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services are there for you to ensure that the IT infrastructure of your company is the right one in order to maintain data integrity and operational efficiency of your organization. The IT Auditors of Grant Thornton deepen out all the necessary checks concerning business and economic processes, directly linked to technological systems. The methodology used is based on recognized best practices and our consultants are able to identify all the potential sources of risk within your company and suggest your systems redesign where necessary.

Information Systems Security Services

The way the businesses are connected and interact with technology has generated the need to revise the concept of information and assets security within an organization. As external and internal threats are constantly taking new forms, it becomes imperative to find a balance point between innovative business practices and security policies. The expert consultants of Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services department can guide you in adopting Cyber ​​Security solutions, which are designed to be effective even in the most complex environments, where security needs are increased. Choosing Grant Thornton for a partner, you are not only provided with protection from the current threats, but gain an ally for the purposes of developing your strategy against future risks.

Usertraining / Seminars

The return on investment regarding the information infrastructure of your organization is directly proportional to the ability of your people to use and maintain it. Even the most well-implemented system cannot meet the ever changing demands, resulting from the dynamic environment in which you operate.

Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services provide the staff of your company with all the training required in order to be confident you get the most out of your IT system. Moreover, this way you ensure that your company's technological infrastructure can flexibly follow the changes taking place in your company while you are definitely not going to proceed with any technological investments that do not add value to your business.

Why Grant Thornton

As part of a global organization with an annual turnover of $ 4.78 billion and more than 47,000 people in 140 countries, we have the size to meet your every need. Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services have extensive experience in implementation of large scale IT projects. Our consultants have deep knowledge of the practices and requirements of Greek and Cypriot companies and significant expertise in vertical markets, with more than 50,000 man days of hands-on experience in implementing software solutions and, in particular, Enterprise Resource Planning systems. No matter how great your ambitions for your business are, Grant Thornton is always there for you to help you unlock your potential for growth.