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Tax Audit Services

Grant Thornton, as a Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants firm, renders Special tax audit services for the issuance of Tax Compliance Report.

Tax audit, according to article 65A of law 4174/2013 refers to public limited companies, limited liability companies and branches of foreign companies whose financial statements are audited, under general or specific provisions of existing legislation , by statutory auditors and audit firms are registered in the public register of L.3693 / 2008 (F.E.K.174A').

Our audit is conducted in accordance with the provisions of International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000, “Assurance Engagements Other Than Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information” and the effective legislation.



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Regarding the rendered service, it is to be noted that we comply with ethical requirements and design and perform the engagement in order to obtain assurance on the subject matters under consideration in all material respects.

Why Grant Thornton

We view audit as a mean to make recommendations and propose solutions rather than a routine of typical procedures. In a constantly evolving environment, with tax legislation regularly changed, our highly qualified people are available to offer their assistance and resolve complex tax issues.

As part of ensuring high quality of our work, we have established committees responsible to respond and offer consultation on matters that each Greek company faces on a daily manner.