Grant Thornton IT Business Consulting Services provide you with the opportunity to outsource IT solutions that add value to your business.

Through development, customization and productive operation of business applications in a way that exactly serves your needs, you reinforce your IT infrastructure.

Moreover, Grant Thornton can meet every requirement for implementation of specialized business software or Integrated Information System (ERP), especially designed for your business, incorporating global best practices for your industry, thus ensuring the maximum return on your investment.

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We can introduce you to a range of reliable solutions exclusively in the cloud, without necessitating any purchase of equipment or applications. By paying a relatively small periodic subscription you can enjoy, as a service, all the benefits of leading technologies for businesses.

At the same time, we can guide you in the transition of your IT system to the cloud, so that it could be released from any geographical limitation, while being certain that you always have the most modern technologies at your disposal. These services are provided with absolute safely and we make sure that they are fully compliant with the most stringent EU legislative framework.