As part of the "Future Unfold" event, Grant Thornton, in collaboration with the Athens University of Economics and Business, carried out a thorough mapping of the domestic market, evaluating the technological and digital aspects of Greek businesses, while also providing a holistic view of both the current state and the future of the tech industry in Greece.

Our research team explored the level of adoption of digital technologies by companies, their investment intentions in tech services during the coming years, as well as their degree of maturity regarding the integration and application of digital technologies in their operations.

image4go3.png"Our research team studied and analyzed the level of digital technology adoption by companies, their future investment plans in technology services, and their level of maturity in terms of the integration and deployment of digital technologies in their operations. In an era that requires a dynamic way of thinking, along with the development of innovative strategies, we believe it is vital to capture the pulse of Greek businesses, in order to better understand how the domestic market is shaping up as well as which direction it will follow in the coming years."

Stella Angelopoulou 
Partner, Head of Technology Intelligence & Performance


"Τhis important nationwide survey records not only the use, but also the exploitation of information systems by Greek companies for business benefits, the correct strategy for introducing advanced digital technologies (such as AI, big data, IoT), the necessary technological investments and the way to measure their effectiveness, the important elements in a comprehensive digital transformation plan, and finally the support they need for expertise, necessary resources and human resources.

The findings will help companies to understand at what stage of digital maturity they are and how they will plan their digital upgrade that will support their business goals."


George I. Doukidis
Professor of eBusiness, Athens University of Economics & Business

Technology & Beyond survey