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Corporate Responsibility

Grant Thornton recognizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility’s actions on achieving Sustainable Growth and is passionately committed to having a positive impact on our society.

At Grant Thornton, we take into account the impact that businesses have on society. We want all our activities to have a positive impact on our people, our clients, on the environment and our community.

Continuous Commitment

Grant Thornton has recognized the crucial contribution of CSR actions in order to achieve sustainable development and has already proceeded to the adoption of the Principles of the UN Global Compact. Our company believes that business practices relying on universal principles contribute to responsible development and help to build societies that prosper and flourish.

More specifically Grant Thornton is one of the founding members of the new Sustainability operators in Greece of the Global Compact Network Hellas. Global Compact Network Hellas is included in 70 Global Compact Networks around the world as part of the global organization’s 2020 strategy. As a Global Compact member, Grant Thornton annually publishes the Communication on Progress Report (C.O.P).

Staying true to its values, Grant Thornton is active in Corporate Responsibility throughout the year, supporting organizations and institutions in need. As Grant Thornton in Greece is committed to supporting the pillars "Education", "Recycling" and "Diversity & Inclusion", over a period of three years. We follow the developments, we are next to the bodies that are active in the sector and we adapt to the new data immediately, with the aim of achieving a responsible development in all sectors. Our company has adopted a recycling system in its offices in order to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic and the ultimate goal is its gradual abolition. The recycling system also includes two other streams, paper and electrical appliances. As a business consulting company, we offer our pro bono services to selected Non-Governmental Organizations that need guidance and consulting. At the same time, we support organizations such as ExcellenSeas, which helps students with financial difficulties from remote areas in their studies, and WomenOnTop, which aims at the professional empowerment of women and equality in the labor market.

Growing Together in the Community

Grant Thornton has decided to devote two days on annual basis to actions in support of CSR, giving its employees around the world a chance to offer their support to vulnerable social groups and support environmental and other actions; thus making a real difference to the local communities. These actions focus on four CSR pillars (Education, Health, Society and Environment) aiming to develop the idea of volunteerism to our people as well as the importance of social contribution. 


Communication on Progress Report


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