While the economy has improved, transportation companies still grapple with myriad challenges, ranging from government regulations and constant technology changes, to talent shortages and fuel and equipment cost pressures.

Our solutions

  • Tax and regulatory compliance — regulations aimed at improving highway safety and reducing environmental impact exact a toll. Carriers need to develop strategies to comply with industry-specific mandates like hours-of-service regulations, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and fuel efficiency standards, as well as ongoing tax compliance.

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  • Consolidation — M&A is driven by the squeeze on profit margins, the demand for investments and upgrading fleets, and the trend toward truck and rail intermodal operations. We can help you grow through strategic acquisitions and find a qualified buyer or business partner.

  • Fighting fraud — a strong anti-fraud program is a must. Narrow margins in transportation and weak internal controls or segregation of duties policies can create the opportunity for internal fraud, or theft during loading and unloading.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton provides you a team of experts who works in the industry for many years. Our team of transportation professionals works with companies in the trucking, logistics, airline, barge, maritime, railroad, intermodal and other sub-sectors providing you a fully integrated approach.