Financial services organizations operate in an intensively dynamic and heavily regulated environment where changes and challenges are constant.

Grant Thornton always focuses on providing clients with value-added, forward-looking advice. For this reason, a specific Financial Services Department has been established which combines expertise from all Assurance, Advisory and Tax Business Lines. This Department consists of dedicated and experienced executives who specialize in providing services to several dynamic organizations in the Financial Sector. Through a wide range of integrated services, we identify the needs of our clients and offer a genuine collaborative approach ensuring flexible solutions that can be applied immediately and effectively.


We do not stop designing new services and enhancing existing ones to adapt to this challenging environment. Through this ongoing process we are able to provide a full suite of services based on each organization's unique characteristics.

Our solutions

We do not stop designing new services and enhancing existing ones adapting to the challenging environment. Our key industry specific solutions can be summarized in the following groups of services:


See our Financial Services


Grant Thornton has a dedicated financial services team that provides banking services such as tax and non-bank accountancy advisory services.


Here you will find all the financial assurance services that Grant Thornton can offer to your company and the pillars that are included.

Asset management

In Grant Thornton, asset management is a business approach that concerns assurance and control services and regulatory compliance services.


Setting the framework to meet upcoming challenges


The Financial Services Insider | Issue 11

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton financial services network can support any of your needs worldwide. Our global team of experts can help you achieve your vision and address the most pressing challenges to you and your peers. We have deep technical and operational expertise, relationships and unique financial services sector specializations.


Immediate response to Regulators needs


Excellent working relationship with ECB, BoG and HFSF


Experienced team in the financial sector


Deep local market knowledge and understanding of current market needs


Ability and resources to meet required timetables


Commitment to achieving high quality deliverables


Close communication with client during the project execution

Konstantinos Kazas
Partner, Head of Financial Services
Konstantinos Kazas
Learn more about Konstantinos Kazas
Konstantinos Kazas
Partner, Head of Financial Services
Konstantinos Kazas

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