In today’s international business environment, where the word “crisis” predominates and, in some cases, equals the word “opportunity”, the chances of achieving successful investment opportunities are increasing for most entities or even business sectors.

The achievement of a successful transaction requires conducting a thorough assessment of every single investment opportunity, as well as the risks associated with it.

Our people are characterised by the necessary experience and expertise to facilitate integrated monitoring at every stage of a transaction and determine its detailed terms as well as to provide support after the transaction:


Our solutions

Due Diligence Services

The Due Diligence rendered services include:

Financial due diligence

Financial due diligence, which includes:

  • a buy-side due diligence,
  • a vendor due diligence and vendor assistance and
  • a reporting accountant
Operational due diligence

Operational due diligence, which includes

  • an operations due diligence,
  • a post-deal integration and
  • carve-outs
Tax due diligence

Tax due diligence

Commercial & strategic intelligence

Commercial & strategic intelligence, which includes:

  • a commercial due diligence and
  • strategy intelligence
Feasibility review studies

Feasibility review studies, which include:

  • project description (undertaking and delivery),
  • assessment of the concept’s market feasibility,
  • organisational feasibility,
  • technical feasibility and
  • financial feasibility
Agreed upon procedures

Agreed upon procedures – consulting commentary services, eg:

  • review of loan covenants,
  • compliance with binding agreements,
  • cross-checking of requirements and
  • data conformity
Examination of Prospective Financial Information under International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3400

Examination of Prospective Financial Information under International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3400

Valuation Services

The process of valuing an entity or its assets is a complicated one. Selecting a specialized financial advisor capable of rendering high quality valuation services is the decisive factor in finalizing a transaction. Our offering includes valuations of shares, businesses (entity/segment), assets (tangibles/ intangibles) and liabilities in support of negotiations, deal structuring and taxation opportunities. 

Valuation for IFRS purposes

Valuation for IFRS purposes

Purchase Price Allocation

Purchase Price Allocation

Valuations for the purposes of Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Valuations for the purposes of Legal and Regulatory Frameworks:

  • Fairness opinions, in compliance with the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation
  • Valuations of shareholders’ in-kind contributions, according to Articles 9 and 10 of Law 2190/1920.
Valuations for other corporate finance purposes

Acquisition / sale of a company or part of it, mergers, "divorces" of shareholders, etc.

M&A Advisory Services

When disposing of a business, finding an acquisition target or raising finance, Grant Thornton will manage the process of identifying purchasers and vendors, as well as potential sources of finance. We help you develop your business strategy and prepare your entity and team so that you can achieve your goals with the best deal structure. Our people can provide strategic advice, support the execution of a deal and advise on fundraising both for sell-side and buy-side, including situations of management involvement.

As far as the corporate acquisitions are concerned, our role involves advising clients on acquisitions on a company level and business or company assets acquisitions. Our clients comprise corporates, institutional investors and venture capitalists, as well as individuals (eg. management team). Indicatively, our services would include:

  • Review client’s acquisition criteria     
  • Identification and approaching potential acquisition targets on behalf of the client       
  • Examination of the feasibility of the proposed acquisition     
  • Assisting the client in the development of a detailed business plan and strategy including a financial model
  • Advising in negotiating with the vendors and structuring the deal
  • Raising the required funding for the acquisition         
  • Project managing the acquisition process from inception to completion, co-ordinating the activities of the other parties involved
  • Reactive searches: We will review potential targets identified by the client based on information they provide
  • Active searches: We will actively research potential targets on the client's behalf
  • Management buy-out (MBO)
  • Buy-in, management buy-out (BIMBO)
  • Vendor initiated management buy-out (VIMBO)
  • Management buy-in (MBI)
  • Institutional buy-out (IBO)
  • Disposals
  • Strategic business advice
  • Fund raising and business planning

We tailor our approach to meet your requirements. We bring commercial and industry knowledge, analytical skills and technical knowledge to all our engagements.

Capital Markets

As an authorised Sponsor for the Alternative Market of Athens Stock Exchange (ENA), we offer a full range of services to the companies that wish to list their shares on ENA. We evaluate the suitability of the company, ensure fulfilment of obligations arising from ENA Regulations and facilitate sound operation within the capital market environment.

What we can do for you:

  • Management and coordination of listing documents’ preparation, in compliance with and responding to ENA requirements.
  • Representation of listing candidate at the application approval stage and for a period of at least two years after the listing in compliance with ENA regulations.
  • Provision of written consent to ENA with reference to the company’s compliance with ENA requirements for listing.
  • Presentation of the listing candidate company to the ENA Committee.
  • Support of the company during the stage of its presentation to potential institutional investors.
Recovery & Reorganisation

Our R&R services are provided to companies and individuals in financial distress or to their creditors, lenders and stakeholders. We provide a) operational or financial restructuring advice to underperforming companies, their creditors or other stakeholders, b) debt advisory to clients (both debtor and creditor), including debt capacity, restructuring, covenant and market advice and c) insolvency services, realising value through taking appointments as an insolvency practitioner in any corporate or personal insolvency process. More precisely:

  • Strategic Review/ Advice
  • Pensions Review
  • Independent Business Review
  • Profit improvement
  • Working Capital & Cash Management
  • Accelerated M&A
  • Independent Solvency Review
  • Contingency Planning
  • Pre-pack Sales
  • Trading Administrations
  • Refinancing advisory
  • Debt capacity and structuring advice
  • Loan documentation and covenant advice
  • Debt market advice
  • Execution of restructuring plans using insolvency processes
  • Recovery of assets
  • Complex and international insolvency

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Why Grant Thornton

When local expertise meets global capabilities

When local expertise meets global capabilities

What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
In a market that wants choice, we have fewer conflicts, more agile size and client-centric culture than larger networks. We provide tailored commercial—not off the shelf—solutions to our clients with a delivery style and client service designed to add value. Compared to other international affiliations, we operate a truly global network of firms which is stronger and more collaborative, equipped with centralised tools, methodologies and delivery models. Our substantial investment in advisory over a number of years is accommodated by our strong industry capabilities. With a full suite of advisory services we are able to offer integrated cross-service solutions. Unlike boutique advisory firms, we combine global reach with local depth and the integrity associated with being part of a global accounting organisation.

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