Tax efficient supply chain planning is undoubtedly one of the most critical subjects in the field of corporate taxation today.

From the start of the millennium and escalating in the years of the global financial crisis, multinationals strive to improve their financial results both above and below the line with the reorganization of their supply chain.

Our services

  • Identification and financial recognition of any intangible assets
  • Assistance in the creation or the management of a centralized Procurement system
  • Assistance in the selection of a suitable sales model such as Limited Risk Distributors, Commission Agents or Commissionaires
  • Compliance with CFC legislation
  • Support in the selection of both the jurisdiction and the legal type (branch or subsidiary) for business expansion

Why Grant Thornton

When local expertise meets global capabilities

When local expertise meets global capabilities

What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
Loyal to our principle of providing our clients with services and solutions of supreme quality, we keep abreast and participate in the developments of the Greek tax system. We know the international tax trends and the various international information exchange mechanisms and we can identify the strategic options for achieving tax compliance with the minimum tax cost for businesses, entrepreneurs and High Net Worth individuals.

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