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Grant Thornton is one of the largest and rapidly developed Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants firms, with presence in 140 countries and with more than 47.000 people around the globe.

We recognize the significance of audited financial statements for shareholders, investors, creditors and other stakeholders. Therefore, we have established a rigorous quality system designed to ensure adherence to the high standards we set ourselves.

Our audit approach is a customer-oriented, placing top priority on understanding entity's operations as well as the risks associated with those operations. Our people, standing by your side, take the time to understand your needs and problems and most importantly to find solutions. Our main objective is to provide services that are perceived as added value and in that way “unlock your potentials for growth”.

Our solutions

Also, Grant Thornton provides assurance services other than audit, such as agreed upon procedures on financial information, review of interim financial statements and other audit and assurance engagements, compilation of financial information.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton has the size, scope, breadth, global reach and know-how to serve dynamic organizations around the world. Our approach to client service is characterized by responsive, timely service and active involvement of partners and managers throughout the engagement.

In order to enhance the quality of services which we provide to our clients, we have designed and implemented a range of policies and procedures in respect of quality management systems and internal control processes that ensure we all live up to the high standards we set ourselves – the standards our clients expect.

Our primary objective is to gain a thorough understanding of your business and render customized, business- oriented services that deliver real value and provide useful insight into the real performance of your organization.

We share one common audit approach with the other member- firms of GTI network and thus we accomplish to provide high quality of services consistently around the globe.

Our differentiation lies in the deep understanding of your operations and our adaptability. Our goal is to contribute to the emancipation of Modern Greek companies and unlock your potentials for Growth.