Tax regulations have become, both at a national and international level, highly complex and consequently the level of difficulty in their interpretation and application has increased too. Moreover, the Greek tax environment being an ever changing one featuring at least one major legislative amendment every year causes uncertainty and insecurity even to experienced tax professionals.

The complexity of tax law has rendered both individuals and businesses almost helpless to come in terms with it and struggle to be tax compliant. Thus, the necessity of acquiring high quality tax services has become extremely crucial. Tax risks have to be mitigated, business opportunities need to be exploited and crucial decisions have to be taken and implemented without delay in a tax-effective manner.


The Grant Thornton Tax Department offers technical competence and proven expertise with successful results in handling complex tax issues at a domestic and international level. We have assembled a results-oriented team of highly experienced professionals capable of addressing the specific needs of our clients offering tailor-made services and solutions.

We provide consulting services to businesses and individuals on tax matters either on an “ad hoc” or continuous tax support basis.

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Corporate Taxation

Grant Thornton's tax professionals offer Corporate Taxation Services to provide advice and solutions to any issues your business may have.

Corporate tax compliance

The Grant Thornton corporate tax compliance specilaists possess long experience in both multinationals and Greek companies in all business sectors.

International tax services

Grant Thornton supports all businesses operating at the European and international level with advice on international tax matters.

Transfer pricing

Grant Thornton offers comprehensive pricing policy planning and tax audit support for domestic, multinational and corporate tax executives.

Tax Controversy

Grant Thornton provides tax audit and risk services because tax disputes are unavoidable in numerous businesses.

Private Client Services

In case you are an individual, Grant Thornton provides services like tax returns, transfer of wealth to future generations and expatriate taxation services

Indirect taxes

Learn more from Grant Thornton about our services for indirect taxes such as real estate taxes, customs, VAT and stamp duties.

Tax restructuring

Grant Thornton provides tax advisory services to companies undergoing tax restructuring or a change in their strategic direction.

Diagnostic Tax Review

Diagnostic tax review is a tax service offered by Grant Thornton to assist your organisation in identifying and assessing potential tax exposures.

Tax efficient supply chain planning

Get informed about tax efficient supply chain planning and how to improve your company's productivity model by reorganizing your productivity activities.

Global mobility strategy

In a globalized world, businesses must work seamlessly across borders. Organizations operate in multiple countries and view international expansion as a strategic objective.

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Addressing challenges in the domestic and global tax environment with credibility.




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