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Tax provisions globally are notoriously hard to interpret and apply, the Greek ones being no exception. In addition, the Greek tax environment is an ever-changing one, featuring at least one major piece of relevant legislation per year that make both tax auditors and experienced tax practitioners fumble with uncertainty.

As tax law increases in complexity, its impact on individuals grows burdensome, the stakes involved for businesses continue to rise and proper tax support becomes of cardinal importance. Risk needs to be mitigated; opportunities cannot wait to be seized; critical decisions should be taken and implemented.

Grant Thornton Tax offers technical prowess and proven expertise in dealing with complex tax issues. We have nurtured a team-oriented, professional environment that scales up deep-rooted tax knowledge to the highest levels, while retaining the agility to respond to very specific needs and offer tailor-made solutions.

We undertake to provide consulting services to businesses and individuals with regards to taxation issues either on an “ad hoc” basis or in the form of continuous tax support.

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Loyal to our tradition of providing our clients with solutions of a high caliber, we keep abreast of developments in Greek taxation and international tax trends, their side effects in banking and international information exchange mechanisms, as well as strategic options going forward for both businesses and high net worth individuals.