We navigate organizations through a complex and volatile economic and business environment by providing clarity and coherence in diverse strategic, investment, policy and sectoral matters.

It is necessary for organizations to be robust and flexible in order to promptly respond to economic and social transitions. Socio-economic and legal framework changes, production and consumer pattern alterations, as well as technological developments impact on public and corporate capabilities, create opportunities but also generate risks for evolution and development. Thus, organizations owe to promptly adjust to new developments and have the ability to redesign procedures and practices and develop novel solutions that accommodate new demands.

The Strategy and Investments department supports organizations and businesses at a strategic, operational and financial level. Following a customized approach for each business and organization and focusing on their concerns, we understand your particular issues in depth and comprehend your needs. We implement integrated business methodologies and practices in a coherent manner in order to guide and support you in major strategic, operational, financial, and administrative matters you may come across.

Whatever the strategic orientation challenges your business or organization faces, the Strategy and Investments team at Grant Thornton can analyze, understand and manage the complexity of the business landscape, supporting your important strategic and business decisions in practice.

Our long-term experience and the use of advanced technical analysis tools, refine your strategic insight, strengthen the ability of your organization to adapt and respond, while, at the same time, promote new practical solutions to the most crucial problems.

The solutions of our department are provided through the following pillars of proficiency:


Our solutions

Strategy: Strategic and management consulting

We navigate our clients through a complex of required adaptations that serve as important functions in achieving evolutionary success. Our services aim at outlining, designing and executing our clients’ strategic and business plans.

Through the implementation of strategic and business plans, sectoral analyses and organizational and operational planning, the Strategy and Investments department provides solutions which contribute to the effective, systematic and sustainable development of businesses and organizations.

Our services:
  • Corporate strategy: Strategic planning at a project, business, operational and financial level
  • Business optimization: Operational excellence and optimal business structure planning
  • Market and competition analysis: Assessments of strengths and weaknesses for specific markets, identification of possible opportunities and analysis of current and potential competitors
  • Policy advice: Strategic advice on the development and implementation of new decisions and actions
  • Regulation and Government: Regulatory analysis and regulation examination (including state aid and competition issues)
Our products:
  • Εxecutive strategic services on formulating and implementing corporate and government policy strategies
  • Design and monitoring of business plans and feasibility studies
  • Functional reorganization and performance improvement processes
  • State aid assessments to the public and private sector
  • Sectoral analyses implementation and consultation services
  • Project Management Office (PMO) for the implementation of complex projects in Greece and abroad for public and private entities
  • Regulatory analysis and policy advice in core economy sectors
  • Ex post and ex ante reports
Investments: Financing and Implementation of Investments

We provide coherent solutions in what comprises a multifaceted venture for the financing and implementation of investment plans. We provide top tier solutions to our clients for the preparation and realization of investments through national, EU and private funds and, consulting businesses and organizations for exploring funding opportunities in order to finance their business projects through private financing, State Aid and other available incentives.

Our expertise in complex economic and financial matters, capital markets and corporate governance issues has become the critical factor for gaining the trust of private entities, policy makers, regulators and public organizations for execution of their goals.

Our services:
  • Investment Advisory: Investment planning and evaluation analysis, financing modeling / model audit
  • Financing mechanisms optimization: Key advice on the financing of complex business activities and infrastructure projects, fund structure and fund raising (using EU, including the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), NSRF and the Investment Law, domestic and / or private funding)
  • Project maturity: Support on the investment maturity and implementation process
  • Specialized services: Investment CBA and SDGs evaluation  
Our products:
  • Guidance for the financing mix optimization through available funding mechanisms (financial instruments, state aid and other incentives)
  • Advisory services for the preparation and implementation of projects through the Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF) to public and private entities
  • Provision of services for the design, submission and assessment of strategic investment plans for their characterization as Strategic Investments
  • Advisory services to private sector entities for preparation and submission of business plans and feasibility studies through the Investment Incentives Law
  • Implementation of project / corporate business plans and support in negotiations with financial institutions
  • Evaluation of investment plans on behalf of public entities for compliance with the criteria related to the provision of state aid and other incentives
Project Finance: Concessions and PPPs

Infrastructure projects are characterized by their complexity and the integral role they play in the socioeconomic development of regions and countries. We have the know-how and experience to unbundle this complexity and provide economic, social and financial analysis, ensuring that the key stakeholders can rely on clear and robust evidence for the implementation of these cornerstone projects.

Our services:
  • Financial advisory services: Top tier financial advisory services in all stages of a concession or PPP project
  • Policy advice: Strategic advice on the design and further development of infrastructure projects to government and EU authorities
  • Technical support: Project preparation for the effective and rapid preparation of specific PPP infrastructure and social projects
Our products:
  • Advisory services to financial institutions and organizations for the design and implementation of public–private partnerships and concessions
  • Impact assessments and cost–benefit analyses of infrastructure projects
  • Provision of financial, economic and fiscal advisory services for the implementation of infrastructure projects at all phases (design, financing, construction, maintenance and operations)
  • Project finance integrated technical support services including, market sounding, tender strategies, procurement, bid evaluation and award support, negotiation, commercial and financial close support, contract management
  • Concession and PPP model audit services
  • Preparation of the dossier and submission of applications to the Special Secretariat for PPPs


Why Grant Thornton

When local expertise meets global capabilities

When local expertise meets global capabilities

What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
Grant Thornton Greece and the Strategy and Investments department are characterized by professionalism coupled with expertise and know-how and provide high quality services to help businesses materialize their strategic vision. Through our services we enable the resolution of management problems, address any financial and funding constraints and are able to identify and provide operational optimization solutions. The added value of the Strategy and Investments department can be characterized by our customer-oriented approach; the thorough client’s needs examination, the timely problem identification and the consistent problem transformation into appropriate business solutions. We have effective communication channels across different departments of our firm with expertise in various sectors, enabling us to provide a holistic approach and specialized solutions according to your needs. Our range of techniques and methods ensure that your strategic issues receive a thorough and objective analysis. Whether it is for mapping investment options, for shaping a financing mix, or, monitoring multifactorial ventures, we can provide you with valuable analysis, a comprehensive approach and answers to complex questions and scenarios.