Payroll is one of the most challenging responsibilities a company faces, while managing personnel commitments is also time consuming. At the same time, transferring non-core yet important activities outside the company and assigning them to specialists - external partners (Outsourcing) is the best practice applied by the companies seeking to maximize efficiency and cut costs. Grant Thornton provides extensive experience in the field of payroll, personnel administration and business process outsourcing services for all types of companies. Our services are tailored to the needs of each company according to the labor and insurance legislation.

Grant Thornton focuses on the quality of the provided services at every client individually. The wide range of clients provides the experience, enabling us to face the potential problems and can help companies unlock business insights. All services are rendered by specialized Outsourcing department.

Our solutions

The flexibility offered by Outsourcing services

In the modern business environment, the main goal of every organization is to achieve its optimal way of operating, while reducing costs. The aforementioned combination allows the expansion of an organization's activities, as well as its better financial management. The advantages provided by assigning important activities to specialized external partners are the following:

Prioritizing actions

Transfering activities enables you to focus on what really matters to your business. At the same time, confidentiality of informations and personal data is achieved.

Financial benefits

Costs savings in human resources as well as the utilization of modern technology are achieved, without having to spend funds on equipment purchase. In particular, the company pays a fixed monthly cost, covering a lot of unforeseen significant expenses, such as staff recruiting and training costs, compensations costs, etc.

Increaded flexibility & adaptability

It is possible to change the volume of services in case of restructuring of the company's operations. At the same time, it is possible to immediately adapt human resources according to the the company's needs, while maintaining the quality of services.

Qualified specialists

Qualified and experienced specialists make available to you the information that will guide you towards making the right decisions. More than 80 specialists are at your disposal to offer you the flexibility you need.

Reducing risk

Grant Thornton experts have full knowledge and disclose to you all the information about the latest regulatory changes. With more than 20 years of experience, and having achieved a turnover increase of 97% in the last 5 years, our Outsourcing department specialists have the appropriate expertise to help you avoid potential risks.

Market expertise

External partners have explicit knowledge of market trends and dynamics, which helps you make good use of the opportunities that arise. More than 100 companies have transferred their activities to Grant Thornton's Outsourcing department.