It is not a secret anymore that tax audits in Greece focus to individuals instead to businesses. Especially High Net-Worth individuals have become the target of the Greek tax authorities in the last years.

Combined with the lack of crystal-clear audit principles and the use of “indirect audit techniques” (inspired by the IRS methodology but intertwined into the Greek legal order in a dysfunctional way), often put individuals in unpleasant situations with grave repercussions both personally and professionally.

We work together with clients to develop both a suitable tax strategy for the future and protection for the past with the creation of “defense files” documenting critical aspects of past actions, paying always attention to their personal and family needs.

Despite that, Greece has introduced highly advantageous tax regimes for attracting foreign High Net-Worth individuals who would like to relocate to Greece and make our country the center of their personal and professional lives.

Our services

  • Assistance in preparation and submission of the application regarding the special tax regimes 5A, 5B and 5C of the Greek Income Tax Code
  • Advice regarding the Greek tax residence
  • Preparation and filing of annual Greek personal income tax returns, tax calculations and registrations.
  • Development of a tax strategy to meet personal and family goals
  • Succession planning for future generations
  • Expatriate taxation
  • Preparation and filing of annual source of funds declaration
  • Assistance in fulfilling reporting obligations (UBO, CRS, FATCA)
  • Assistance in residence and work permits/Golden Visa (immigration services)
  • Assistance with the qualification process of the family office
  • Assistance in tax audits, contacts with the tax authorities
  • Assistance with experienced tax lawyers if tax litigation is necessary
  • Social Security Advice & compliance
  • Preparation and submission of applications for registration with the Greek social security authorities, indicatively, issuance of A1 certificates and certificates of Coverage.
  • Tax advice and implementation of bonus payments and share plans
  • Tax advice on the establishment or restructuring of shipping structures safeguarding the benefits/exemptions in the context of the special Greek shipping tax regime. 

Why Grant Thornton

When local expertise meets global capabilities

When local expertise meets global capabilities

What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
Loyal to our principle of providing our clients with services and solutions of supreme quality, we keep abreast and participate in the developments of the Greek tax system. We know the international tax trends and the various international information exchange mechanisms and we can identify the strategic options for achieving tax compliance with the minimum tax cost for businesses, entrepreneurs and High Net Worth individuals.

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