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Growth Awards 2020

Eurobank & Grant Thornton reward business excellence

Eurobank and Grant Thornton awarded today the Growth Awards 2020 to six (6) Greek companies that distinguished, combining strong financial performance with best practices in areas that are critical to contemporary entrepreneurship.

The award ceremony took place at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall and it was attended by many Greek entrepreneurs, highlighting the institutional recognition achieved by the Growth Awards, an initiative that has been running for the 4th consecutive year.

At his opening remarks Eurobank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. F. Karavias, referred to the strategic choice the Bank’ has made to become the “Bank for Development” and identify itself with the Greek entrepreneurship, having a special focus on green growth, which is a main target for the European Union and the country. In particular, he emphasized the important role of recycling and waste management in the new development model that aims to limit the exploitation of natural resources worldwide, noting, inter alia: “Eurobank is committed to fully fund projects in the context of green growth and circular economy. We have both the necessary liquidity and the expertise to support, financially and at an advisory level, domestic and international investors who value the industry's positive prospects. We are also ready to work with public bodies, state or municipalities, to shape an investment white bible on the waste management sector, with projects that can make an investment while contributing to the local communities and the overall solution for waste management in Greece”.

In his greeting speech Mr. Spyridon - Adonis Georgiadis, Minister for Development & Investment mentioned among other things:I wish to congratulate Eurobank and Grant Thornton for the Growth Awards initiative as excellence – in entrepreneurship and society – is of the highest value in the new era we are building in Greece. I would also like to congratulate the businesses awarded today as well as all the Greek entrepreneurs who fought hard during the crisis to transform their businesses aiming to become competitive, innovative and extrovert orientated. I take this opportunity to reaffirm that providing effective support to businesses is a central priority for Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ government under the implementation of tax – breaks, bureaucracy reduction and the more efficient use of European funds”.

Mr. Vassilios Kazas, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Greece, who co – chairs the Growth Award Committee with Mr. George Zanias, Eurobank’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, mentioned: “Today, we award entrepreneurship that is in a constant pursue for excellence. An entrepreneurship that innovates, is extrovert, relies on its strength and invests in the Greek economy. For the fourth consecutive year Eurobank’s and Grant Thornton's vision of rewarding business excellence, has proven that entrepreneurs are embracing the institution and are ready to venture with optimism for better days. This modern entrepreneurship, characterized by hope, creation and perspective, lays the foundation for sustainable development. Our obligation is to ensure the normality, regularity and growth momentum that is gradually building up in the post-crisis period. We continue to support our leading entrepreneurs and every effort that creates value and gives new impetus to our country's economy”.

In her speech, Prof. Claudia Zeisberger, referred to the characteristics that a small and medium-sized enterprise must have today in order to successfully cope with fierce competition and modern challenges, stand out and ensure long-term sustainability, noting:  «The outperformance of business champions is largely driven by a solid corporate governance structure and a leadership team that has been consistently professionalized over time to achieve a diverse board, an experienced management team combined with solid processes to address challenges in a timely manner”.

Grant Thornton’s partners, Mr. Thanasis Xynas, Mrs. Christina Tsironis and Mrs. Lina Kaza, presented a survey for Greek entrepreneurship today. The challenges that companies face regarding growth, investment and strategy and how these combine with their expectations for the next 12 months, were highlighted through the evaluation of 8,000 businesses representing 92 sectors of the economy, the scientific model Financial Health / Growth Matrix and the Grant Thornton’s International Business Report.

The six (6) companies that were awarded this year per category are:

  • Business Excellence: SANI / IKOS GROUP
  • Research & Innovation: ISOMAT S.A.
  • Extroversion: SARANTIS GROUP
  • Human Resources & Corporate Culture: Kri Kri S.A.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development: AB VASSILOPOULOS
  • Digital Evolution: COFFEE ISLAND S.A.

 “Growth Awards” highlight the role and importance of modern, qualitative entrepreneurship for the development of Greek economy while they reward the dynamics of Greek companies that distinguish in critical sectors, dictated each year by the global business trends.

The evaluation process for the winners’ selection involves the use of special analysis for financial fundamentals of around 8.000 companies based on Grant Thornton’s “Financial Growth/Health Matrix” but also on the companies’ true stories.

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