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Go Beyond. Move forward together: Grant Thornton enters a new era

Staying true to its commitment to continuous growth along its people and partners, to the implementation of its strategic planning and to the constant maintenance of its unparalleled quality, Grant Thornton turns the page and enters a new era. At a time when challenges and changes are significant and ongoing, Grant Thornton listens to the need of today and the demands of tomorrow, invests even more in the expansion of its services and says its readiness to exploit the opportunities that arise. Always responsible to the planet and the people, the company stands by its partners to help their transition to a future beyond established business standards.

Keeping its the eyes on tomorrow, Grant Thornton turns the page with the resounding message “Go Beyond. Move forward together”. "At Grant Thornton we do not just predict the future. We actually help our partners shape it. We stand by them so that we could move forward together”, noted Vassilis Kazas, Managing Partner at Grant Thornton, on the occasion of the announcement and continues: “We take firm and decisive steps, having maintained adaptability and resilience, required within the difficult previous months, to the highest extent. We believe that now is the time to move forward. It is the time to surpass ourselves, to become the best version of ourselves, maintaining unparalleled quality of our services and inspiring trust and respect in our clients. We want people who trust us to feel that they have by their side a consultant, a supporter, a partner, who will help them take a step forward in their business through finding solutions and new ideas. We expanded our firm offering 200 recently announced new job positions and relocated to new offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete, thus clearly demonstrating our vision and mission to move forward, looking forward to the future”.

Through the expansion of all its departments, as well as the wider adoption of technological practices, Grant Thornton is shaping services that bring tomorrow today. It creates the right conditions for new ideas to emerge and discovers appropriate solutions in the face of uncertainty, thereby building a better tomorrow. It places relationships with its people and its partners at the heart of its philosophy as never before, as they are a decisive factor in finding the right solutions to every challenge. Each of the above is Grant Thornton's promise, a promise whose sole purpose is to successfully move into the next day, all together.

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