Utilizing our multiple years of experience and knowledge in the areas of risk management, legislative and regulatory compliance, internal control, operational efficiency and corporate governance, we provide personalized solutions that will strengthen your business structures, while significantly improving performance and efficiency.

The ESGRC department experts provide you with all the necessary equipment in order to fully understand the respective regulatory framework, to draw up a strong strategic plan and to carry out steady growth steps.

The benefits for businesses that adopt a model of organization and operation by adopting best practices of governance, risk management and supervisory mechanisms are multiple, such as the following:

  • Better, accurate, timely and complete monitoring of the company's operation
  • Greater transparency and accountability for the reliability of the Internal Audit System that supports business decisions and corporate governance.
  • Utilization of new technologies and best practices of organization and operation
  • Protection of assets and reduction of the possibility of fraud, loss of income
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes
  • Strengthening the credibility and integrity of the Management
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Avoidance of fines by the competent Supervisory Authorities
  • Satisfying the preferences and expectations of shareholders, investors and other stakeholders

Our solutions

We deliver bespoke solutions that strengthen governance structures and improve the effectiveness of internal control and risk management system, which will underpin corporate performance as well as ensuring regulatory compliance. Our risk assurance and advisory services include:

Corporate Governance Services

As organizations seek to provide greater confidence to stakeholders, they face increasing pressure to comply with the new corporate governance legal framework and consequently to demonstrate Corporate Governance best practices. Whether your company is fully listed and required to implement relevant laws, such as Law 4706/2020, or is a private company wishing to adopt best practices, we work with you to develop bespoke solutions that strengthen governance structures, which will underpin corporate performance and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Our services include:

  • Gap analysis against the current Corporate Governance framework
  • Evaluate an existing system of organization and corporate governance and provide improvement recommendations
  • Independent evaluation of corporate governance systems and internal control systems based on L.4706 / 2020
  • Benchmarking in relation to international corporate governance frameworks / codes and best practices
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and its Committees
  • Organization and provision of information programs to the members of the Board of Directors or its Committees
  • Providing consulting support for the preparation of Regulations, Policies, Procedures, Reports, etc.
  • Evaluation of suitable candidate Board members
  • Evaluation of independence of Board members
  • Technical support to the work of the BoD Committees
  • Family Business Consulting | Consulting support to Family Business companies on issues of corporate governance, succession and transition, as well as organizational and operational upgrade
Internal Audit Services

Increased regulatory requirements call on organizations to improve and "mature" their business practices, to obtain independent and objective assurance on the effectiveness of Corporate Governance Systems, Internal Audit System and risk management. At Grant Thornton we work with you through our certified Internal Auditors and our specialized experts, covering all aspects of the operation of Internal Audit and the needs of your business.

Our services include:

  • Part-time or full-time internal audit services
  • External evaluation of an Internal Audit Unit, according to International Standards for the Professional Implementation of Internal Audit
  • Providing consulting support for the organization and operation of the Internal Audit Unit
  • Development of a risk-based audit approach
  • Support in the preparation of an annual internal audit plan
  • Organization and conduct of seminars on Internal Audit issues
  • Carrying out management controls
  • Undertaking internal audits on specialized items (eg IT audits, ESG assessments, MIS reporting, subsidiaries operations, related parties transactions etch)
Risk Management Services

Risk Management consists of a complex process as it concerns all the activities of a company and is not the subject of a single Management or solely responsibility of the Management. Disseminating the culture of recognizing and managing any form of risk within a company is one of the most powerful tools it can have to ensure its viability.

Grant Thornton's experienced ESGRC team provides the right advice to help you effectively and purposefully manage the risks your business faces, minimize losses, and seize opportunities to improve your performance.

Our services include:

  • Consulting support in shaping the risk management framework
  • Support in the development of risk management policies and procedures
  • Development of the Risk Register
  • Support in the development of administrative reports and risk measurement indicators
  • Carrying out identification and evaluation of corporate risks
  • Risk Management Unit Evaluation based on international contexts and best practices
  • Organizing and conducting seminars on Risk Management
Regulatory Compliance Services

The ever-changing regulatory framework is now a difficult puzzle for many companies, especially those in a supervised industry or maintaining international business partnerships. Systematic monitoring and timely harmonization with any changes that occur in the regulatory framework can protect a company from the imposition of fines and sanctions, but mainly from defamation and significant loss of revenue or profits.

In this context, we have designed and offered our customers a wide range of specialized regulatory compliance services aimed at safeguarding the interests of our customers and protecting their executives from the risks of non-compliance.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance Services (depending on your business profile and industry)
  • Compliance Healthcheck Assessment
  • Development / updating of a register of regulatory obligations
  • Evaluate the organization and operation of the Regulatory Compliance Unit and provide improvement recommendations
  • Support in the development of relevant administrative reports on regulatory compliance issues
  • Anti-money laundering services as well as third party identification services (AML - KYC)
  • Support in the organization and operation of an anti-fraud or anti-corruption mechanism (Antifraud / Antibribery framework)
  • Personal Data Protection (GDPR) compliance services
  • Consulting on the development and operation of the Whistleblowing system
  • Advisory support to the anti-corruption management system (ISO 37001)
  • Conduct SOX compliance reviews & tests of controls
  • Controls to ensure regulatory compliance systems or on specific safety valves (ISAE 3000, ISAE3402, SOC, etc.)
  • Organization and conduct of seminars on regulatory framework issues (domestic or international)
Operational Efficiency Services

After a decade of financial crisis and more than two years of ongoing pandemic, we design and offer complete solutions to enhance operational efficiency and achieve your business goals. Distance employment conditions, the need to save resources and reduce operating costs, automate processes and avoid wasting time and resources, are some of the factors we consider in order to choose the right solutions for you.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic study for the current functional model & Benchmarking analysis
  • Redesign of organizational structure
  • Reorganization of departments
  • (Restructuring) job descriptions within the company
  • Update or Simplify procedures
  • Preparation of operating regulations, policies and individual Regulations
  • Configuration / updating of procurement framework
  • Review of approval limits and flows of administrative decision-making procedures
  • Preparation for obtaining ISO certifications in quality processes and systems

Solutions tailored to each industry

Grant Thornton assists you with innovative solutions to a range of business concerns. Learn more about how we can help.

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Why Grant Thornton

When local expertise meets global capabilities

When local expertise meets global capabilities

What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
What defines our unparalleled edge
Grant Thornton Greece and the Environmental, Social, Governance, Risk & Compliance are characterized by professionalism, coupled with expertise and know-how, and provide high quality services to strengthen the Corporate Governance structure of your business and improve the effectiveness of your Internal Audit. As your business grows, so do your responsibilities to manage potential risks. Whether risks come from internal or external factors, they may affect your growth and your ability to achieve your strategic goals. At Grant Thornton, we have extensive experience to help you better manage risk, make the right decisions and improve the performance of your business. At the same time, our priority is to understand your problems and adapt to your needs, in order to provide high value-added services that will maintain the profitability of your business.

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