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Marina Chrysanthopoulou
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Marina Chrysanthopoulou


Marina Chrysanthopoulou is a Certified Public Accountant - Auditor, a Partner and a member of the Board of Directors of Grant Thornton Greece and brings multiple years of professional experience. She was also a founding member of Efthinos S.A., later renamed into Grant Thornton S.A.  

She is a graduate of Athens University of Economics, Business Organization and Management Department, specializing in Accountancy – Auditing  (1980) and holds PhD thesis at the University of the Aegean on the subject of "Examination of International Accounting Standards. Issues arising from valuations and deferred taxes”. She became a member of the Greek Institute of Certified Public Accountants (SOEL) following participation in the Public PanHellenic examinations (1984) and attended three-year internal training program at SOEL and was awarded the title of the Certified Public Accountant – Auditor.

During her career, she worked at the Greek Institute of Certified Public Accountants (1984-1993) as a Trainee and Assistant Certified Public Accountant. Later, she joined Grant Thornton SA (1994 till currently) as a Certified Public Accountant – Auditor and Member of the Board of Directors.

In her multiannual professional experience, Marina Chrysanthopoulou has participated in conducts of statutory and financial audits in industrial, manufacturing and commercial companies and financial institutions, while she has also been occupied with internal control systems in various types of entities. In particular, she has specialized in conducting audits in the broader public and private sector entities, industries, commercial companies, development companies, statutory audits of Municipalities, Municipal Enterprises, university Research Funds Special Accounts. In addition, she has participated in major projects performed in public and private sector institutions and organizations.


  • Participation in the company management.
  • Participation in the company research projects.
  • Participation in organizing the company internal training programs.  
  • Audit and verification of financial statements of large companies and organizations, belonging both – to private and public sectors.
  • Preparation of accounting organizations studies.
  • Implementation of commercial and tax legislation.
  • Conduct of internal and external seminars on accounting, audit and taxation issues.
  • Audits related to the European Union Programs.
  • Studies on financing, mergers, transitions, company valuations etc.
  • Company transformation support
  • Implementation of the International Accounting Standards.
  • Specialization in audits in the entities of the broader public and private sectors, industries, commercial companies, statutory audits of  municipalities and organizations in the broader public sector.

She is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and has held a wide range of seminars and training sessions and has participated in many special purpose seminars on accounting, tax and auditing issues. Mrs. Chrysanthopoulou is an author of a substantial number of articles in Grant Thornton publications and professional journals. 

  • Certified Public Accountant
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Marina Chrysanthopoulou
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Senior Partner
Marina Chrysanthopoulou
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