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Our new premises in Athens & Thessaloniki mark a new era for Grant Thornton Greece

Grant Thornton is turning the page and enters a new era, modernizing its premises in Athens and Thessaloniki. We invest in our people, upgrade our services and move to new offices, always committed to constant development alongside our clients. Through our offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Crete and Ioannina, we continue to constantly provide high value-added services, while we are aware of the fact that an ever-changing business environment requires resilience, adaptability and strong foundations for growth. Consequently, a more central location enables us to keep a pulse on all the developments, meeting your every need and helping you achieve your goals.

Vassilis Kazas, Managing Partner at Grant Thornton Greece, comments: "At Grant Thornton, we take solid steps to ensure future advancement and realize how significant it is to the entrepreneurs to rely on the consultants, whose assistance facilitates their growth. As we move towards an advanced economic model, whether in Greece or Europe, we invest in our new facilities, demonstrating in practice our commitment to always attending to aspirations and goals of our partners. Our new premises in Athens and Thessaloniki give a new impetus to Grant Thornton culture, centered round transition to a future beyond the established business standards ".

Our new offices constitute a modern and pleasant workplace, which promotes creativity, collaboration and dialogue, essential elements for our peoples’ growth. At the same time, we further reduce our ecological footprint and invest in new technologies, embodying our vision for continuous growth. During a decade when both Greece and Europe are expected to implement their transition to a more sustainable future, it is businesses’ duty to keep up with this advancement. And it is also Grant Thornton's duty to help these businesses on their path to a better tomorrow.

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