Redefining Industries.

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Smart City

Writing the future of intelligent, secure and sustainable cities

There is a constant demand for smarter, effective, efficient and more sustainable cities, promoting the collective intelligence of cities. This means improving the ability to forecast and manage urban flows, and integrating the dimensions of the physical, digital and institutional spaces of a region. Our services encompass all areas of Smart City applications: Smart Energy, Smart Buildings, Smart Water, Smart Public Services, Smart Lighting, Smart Mobility and Smart Waste Management.

Smart Hospital

Making the future of connected health a reality

Smart hospitals deal with the increasing complexity of managing today’s healthcare environments. For us, the Digital Hospital consists of 4 pillars: Digital Patient, Operations, Digital Services and Smart Hospital. Its objective is to deliver quality patient care while improving clinical outcomes and operational efficiency. We can assist healthcare organizations in:

  • Digitalizing processes to optimize workflows
  • Using smart technology to better manage a its resources
  • Improving time and space management with smart solutions

Smart Logistics

The right product at the right time at the right place and in the right condition

Smart Logistics is about connecting vehicles, products and load units, hence improving route and load optimization and minimizing the amount of waste across the value chain. Our assistance lies in the following areas:

  • Fleet management & routes optimization
  • Digital warehouses
  • Operational agility

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