Greek Entrepreneurship: Signs of Strength & Rays of Light

For 12th successive year, Grant Thornton keeps its commitment in providing businesses with comprehensive reporting. Our objective is to imprint Grant Thornton dedication to the problems and needs of the businesses in terms of growth, focusing on key issues faced by the entrepreneurs. In light of the above, we conducted the sector analysis entitled "Greek Entrepreneurship: Signs of Strength and Rays of Light", thus demonstrating, one more time, our professional expertise, extensive experience and our commitment to innovative ideas.   

Based on publicized financial statements for the period 2009-2013, the new sector Survey, conducted by Grant Thornton, analyzes financial sizes of 8.140 Greek businesses and classifies them, on size basis, into four categories of entities (Micro, SMEs, Large and Mega). The Survey examines Greek businesses through the introduction of a new assessment mode - “Financial Growth/Health Matrix” - applying two key variables: financial health and growth prospects.

Greek Entrepreneurship: Signs of Strength and Rays of Light
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