• Business Conference “Greek Economy | Restart”

Organized on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, at Athens Concert Hall.

On Tuesday, October 13, 2015, the Annual Conference of Grant Thornton - “Greek Economy | Restart” - was successfully held at Athens Concert Hall, featuring substantial participation of the business sector representatives.

The conference was attended by some 2.000 people, business executives from Greece, and Grant Thornton global leaders in the context of the Global Annual Conference of Grant Thornton International Ltd, which was held, for the first time this year, in Greece.  

The conference started with the speech "Business Focus in Greece" of Ed Nusbaum, Global CEO of  Grant Thornton International Ltd, who reviewed the latest economic developments, placing particular emphasis on Greece, and analyzed the business development segments as well as the challenges and opportunities regarding the Greek entities.   

Ed Nusbaum handled the torch to Mr. Nicholas V. Karamouzis,  Chairman of the BoD Eurobank Ergasias SA, Emeritus Professor, University of Piraeus, Greece who made a speech on "The impact of Capital Controls on Greek businesses." Mr. Karamouzis singled out the key points that will get the Greek economy through the the current situation. He referred to the impact of Capital Controls on business dynamics, highlighting several negative as well as positive issues, and remarked, in conclusion, that given that Capital Controls are to be lifted in the 1st quarter of 2016, this will facilitate faster business development.

The proceedings were concluded by Manolis Michalios, Partner, Head of Assurance and Nikos Ioannou, Assurance Partner, presenting the new research of  Grant Thornton “Industrial analysis: Greek entrepreneurship Restart in the new economic environment”. The presentation disclosed the key finding regarding financial performance and conditions facing the Greek entities for the period 2014-2009 and further specified the framework, within  which the Greek economy Restart can be achieved. 

Mr Vasilis Kazas, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Greece, commented: "Within a protracted period of recession and uncertainty, Greek economy has  shown resilience and adaptability. What now matters is how to stabilize and then restart the economy, which will lead us to growth."

The evening ended with a cocktail buffet at Athens Concert Hall.