Businesses now are exposed to new threats, new attackers, new regulations and new risks. We can help you assess your current security posture and develop an aligned security strategy. Our security offering includes:

IT Risk Assessment

IT audit services deliver a digestible and detailed view of cybersecurity strengths and deficiencies. We examine and evaluate your organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations.


We help you improve your security posture, by conducting cybersecurity vulnerability and controls assessments. The sharpest tool in our vulnerability assessment toolbox is the penetration test.

Data Protection & Privacy

Protecting sensitive data continues to be a paramount challenge for businesses - we enable you to align your business in compliance with the data governance policies and regulations.

Identity & Access Management

Effective identity and access management (IAM) is becoming a key element in mitigating business risks and safeguarding the continuity of companies. We help you  ensure users have the access they need, and that systems, data, and applications are inaccessible to unauthorized users.

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