Redefining business in a changing world

The key is to open your mind to the full range of technology choices, pick the smartest fit and achieve performance excellence. The most successful journeys start with knowing where you are and where you want to go, and then deciding how you want to get there.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Clients, channels and competition are all going digital. This calls for significantly comparing where you're today and wherein you need to go so as to sustain competitive advantage in a digital world. This could be complicated and daunting to a few businesses due to the fact they need to prioritize and settle on sound options on many fronts. Done right, a robust digital strategy — with a plan to transform the company to deliver on it — creates huge blessings. We work with business pioneers to create strategies and action plans that identify and react to digital opportunities and threats. We can help you:

  • Assess your business in terms of digital readiness and maturity
  • See how digital serves, and adds value for, the most important clients for your brand
  • Create and refine your company’s digital vision and strategy dependent on your clients' needs and your abilities
  • Recognize digital capabilities and channels that add options for your key clients
  • Decide ways that digital innovation can upgrade efficiency and define the KPIs your organization will use to quantify the success of your initiatives
  • Set up all the pieces for a consistent digital strategy, and create a transformation roadmap

Omni-channel CX

In this experience economy, providing consistent customer experience across all channels is the new currency. Customers want you to be always available: Any time, Any place, Any device. We can help you answer the following questions:

  • How do our customers shop and interact between channels?
  • What channels are driving the most value for us today and how will this change tomorrow?
  • Do we have clearly defined roles for each channel on its own, and relative to the other channels?
  • How should channels be integrated across the life cycle?
  • How can a multichannel approach be utilized as a strategic advantage when competing with digital pure plays?
  • What strategic steps must be taken to drive growth through each channel given its role within the organization and with the customer?

Customer Journeys

In becoming a customer-centric business, personas and journey maps are important strategic tools that help provide an in-depth understanding of your customers: who they are, what they need, and how they interact with your company across all touch points. Persona-based customer journey mapping helps organizations understand core customer segments and the moments that matter in their journey so they can add value to these groups.
To that end, our services include:

  • Customer personas identification
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Collection and insights interpretation
  • Customer Journey analysis

Measuring CX

Delivering an exceptional customer experience consistently is hard. The first step in your journey to improve CX is to measure customer experience. Customer experience measurement is a challenging issue. Most experiences have multiple touchpoints, possibly in various channels, maybe with divergent objectives. Our offerings include:

  • Net promoter score calculation.
  • Customer journey analytics.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Customer churn rate determination.
  • Customer support ticket trends interpretation.
  • Customer satisfaction scores measurement.

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