Technology has become a key driver for success in all industries, creating new opportunities, having a significant impact on the way companies operate and thus improving business outcomes. At the same time, adopting technology solutions can help businesses achieve their growth potential. In the ever-changing digital environment, which requires readiness and adaptability, we stand by our clients, so that they are able to identify and exploit opportunities in the sector in which they operate.

Our objective is to help clients adapt in a changing world by redefining the way they are doing business. To that end, we have brought together a team of experts, with extensive experience in a multitude of technology fields. Our expertise lies in developing digital strategies, enhancing business operations using AI, creating actionable insights through data, designing hyper-personalized customer experiences, driving new ways of working and reinventing productivity with smart automation.

We are dedicated to our clients’ needs, the challenges they face, their expansion ambitions and the broader business context in which they operate. Our executive leaders are approachable, ask powerful questions, listen to your concerns and provide advice, guidance and support throughout the life-cycle of the projects. Our client portfolio includes, among others, all systemic Greek banks, healthcare providers, media companies, retail businesses, energy & utility providers etc.

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"The technology industry has always operated ahead of the business curve, exploiting opportunities, implementing innovative ideas and setting the standards of tomorrow. Our strategy aligns with the industry’s critical measures of success, namely growth, reinvention of productivity and improvement of efficiency."

Stella Angelopoulou

Head of Technology Intelligence & Performance

"Grant Thornton executives demonstrated a high level of engagement and devotion, creating a sense of trust and reassurance in our organization. Combining strong technical expertise and deep industry knowledge was the key factor that resulted to the success of a complex and demanding project."

C-Suite Executive

Retail Industry

"Grant Thornton team’s approach was based on understanding our specific needs, providing solutions that were the right fit for us. The responsiveness to our requests and the attention to detail contributed substantially to the delivery of added value and quality services."


Energy Sector

Comprehensive industry-specific solutions

Technology Intelligence & Performance Services

Empowering solutions to help you go beyond

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ESEF Reporting Services

The new ESEF regulation for listed companies

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    How to bolster digital security

    Digital security threats are soaring. Cyber-attacks causing losses over $1m have increased by 63% since 2016. Increasing data regulation has made managing data risk more complex. Only 28% of business leaders feel highly satisfied with their ability to protect against a severe data breach. So what are leaders’ concerns and what can they do to bolster digital security?

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