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Asset management

As auditors, we believe in adding value through the audit process by taking a business approach to the audit engagement. While our primary responsibility will be to conduct our audits in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, we understand that our clients are seeking more than just an audit report – you are seeking a professional services provider.


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Our customized assurance services will provide you with:

  • an approach that recognizes your strategic imperative,
  • a clearly defined audit strategy, developed in conjunction with you  throughout the engagement, and
  • an audit plan which is right-sized, risk-focused and aligned with our auditing experience in this sector

Our audit and assurance services refer to the:

  • Audit of financial statements (annual/ interim, consolidated/ separate)
  • Related assurance services (such as review of financial statements, review of prospective financial information, issuance of Comfort Letters etc.)
  • Tax audits according to ministerial decision 1159/2011
  • Assurance services other than audit based on agreed upon procedures
  • IFRS valuations

Regulatory and compliance services

Asset management businesses operate in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated environment.Every day new rules are established and frameworks get updated. As the supervision of the sector has been significantly increased during the last two years and as reviews and inspections are been conducted by the Regulators more frequent than the past, our FS expert team is capable to support you via several ways to ensure you comply with the changes of regulatory and to retain your overall regulatory compliance.

Our Regulatory services are mainly related to:

  • Review of compliance regarding various frameworks
  • Compliance Gap Analysis regarding current and new frameworks such as European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
  • Preparation of a roadmap for new IFRS implementation
  • Corporate Governance assessment 
  • Compliance consultancy in the frame of the preparation  of a company internal regulation ,policy or internal processes manual

Advisory services

  • Transactional advisory services
  • Operational Advisory
  • Other Consulting Services

Tax and outsourcing services

Our tax and outsourcing services are related both to tax consulting and full outsourcing services which indicatively include the following:

  • Tax Consulting Services
  • Outsourcing Services