The coronavirus outbreak is a human tragedy that has affected many people’s lives around the world. In Greece, many sectors have already been affected to different degrees. To better understand the implications of this pandemic, Grant Thornton Greece brings you thorough insight so as to better manage risk and make informed decisions.

CORONAVIRUS The impact of covid-19 for the supervision of EU securities markets
The outbreak of the covid-19 disease in Europe since the end of February has had an adverse impact for the real economy and for EU financial markets. According
CORONAVIRUS 10 measures adopted with 30.03.2020 Legislative Act against Covid-19 pandemic consequences
The most important arrangements of the 30/03/2020 Legislative Act regarding the measures against the Covid-19 pandemic and other urgent provisions:
CORONAVIRUS Financial measures against the COVID-19 pandemic | 25 questions & answers
Financial measures against the COVID-19 pandemic | 25 questions & answers
CORONAVIRUS COVID-19: Accounting implications of the pandemic
The spread of the Coronavirus is impacting businesses around the world. Entities need to carefully consider the accounting implications of this situation. This
Coronavirus Practical steps for companies impacted by coronavirus
Practical steps for companies impacted by coronavirus
CORONAVIRUS Message from the CEO of Grant Thornton Greece
Recently, we have been going through an unprecedented period regarding not only our own country, but the whole planet as well; the period, characterized by
CORONAVIRUS Responding to the coronavirus COVID-19
In the context of the crucial developments concerning COVID-19, businesses must be prepared, alert and agile to cope with the constant forthcoming changes.
Lessons on big data from the healthcare sector
The healthcare sector is still experimenting with using big data but, as Anne McGeorge the national managing partner of healthcare at Grant Thornton US shares,
ARTICLE Optimizing our reach. Optimizing our network.
So, the challenge is to create the network of “touch points” of the future, today and make sure that it can bring sustainable growth to the business. But how
ARTICLE Corporate Social Responsibility: Nice to have or must have?
On the occasion of the Law 4403/2016 on Non-Financial Information, which concerns the implementation of the European Directive on the incorporation of social
Article How to successfully survive digital disruption in the financial sector
Digital transformation has become a buzzword but its meaning still remains rather ambiguous. In the financial services industry, the term is used at scale.
ARTICLE Good corporate governance is fundamental to providing effective oversight
We are living in a forward-moving society with a relentless accelerating pace in today’s business world; thus trying to manage the speed of changes becomes a
ARTICLE Too big to fail, too small to survive?
When changes happen fast, then time has more value. In a world of agility, it is hard to believe that colossal, capital intensive energy companies need to

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