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Growing Together in the community

CSR Day 2018

Grant Thornton has decided to devote two days on annual basis to actions in support of CSR, giving its employees around the world a chance to offer their support to vulnerable social groups and support environmental and other actions; thus making a real difference to the local communities.

These actions focus on four CSR pillars (Education, Health, Society and Environment) aiming to develop the idea of volunteerism to our people as well as the importance of social contribution.

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For another year our company support the message of solidarity and selfless offer. The pillar of our action is volunteering and the unique experiences that has the power to impart to us.

The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness and information about volunteering through our guest speakers and to activate all of us through voluntary activities throughout the year. At the end of the action, the Be My Hero team will sample bone marrow from those who want to become donor volunteers.