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Why choose Grant Thornton

Dynamic organisations can achieve great things with the right support. You need advisers that deeply understand your business, your industry and your wider agenda for growth. Our capabilities, expertise and culture make us perfectly placed to fill that role.

We believe that Grant Thornton is the only organisation that can offer the powerful combination of true scale, excellent service and effective relationships to deliver added value to your business.

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As a global organisation with member firms in 140 countries, we have the scale to meet your changing needs, but with the insight and agility that helps you stay one step ahead. We are one of the major global accounting organisations recognised by all markets and bodies worldwide.

We provide the unique combination of the following.

  • We discover what is important to you and make it important to us
  • We offer pragmatic solutions to help you imrove and grow
  • We are agile and responsive
  • We have collaborative teams with a different mindset.

A different way of doing business

We have scale, we have breadth and depth, we have quality, but we also do business in a very different way.

We offer a ‘best of both worlds’ approach where we recognise our clients’ unique needs while drawing on our deep global expertise. This consistently leads to higher levels of client satisfaction and loyalty when compared with our largest competitors.

We believe in understanding something in its entirety. We are genuinely interested in our clients, their challenges, their growth ambitions and their commercial context. Instead of coming with ready-made answers, we ask intelligent questions, engage you in wider business discussions and then we listen.

Our delivery model enables partners and senior people to give clients more attention. We are big believers in being approachable and accessible so you get a personal, hands-on service that results in an entirely different experience.

A dynamic alternative

Find out more about Grant Thornton in five steps:

1. Global scale;
2. World class capabilities;
3. Brand reputation;
4. Great place to work;
5. We work differently