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Growth Awards 2020

It all started with Grant Thornton’s and Eurobank’s shared vision to reward businesses that persist, manage to differentiate themselves, innovate, stand out and dare to dream. This is how Growth Awards were first created.

Nowadays, Growth Awards have been fully embraced by the business community and enjoy a nationwide appeal. They are the first Awards in Greece to award growth and competitiveness. Moreover, they are the first award to highlight businesses that combine high financial performance with a successful modern business story, and that create new jobs and help in shaping a new landscape of entrepreneurship and workplace culture in Greece.

Grant Thornton’s Managing Partner, Mr. Vassilis Kazas says:

Growth Awards 2020

Greek Businesses: Growth challenges

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"Growth Awards reward excellence of Greek businesses, combining the logic of numbers with the human footprint. With a spirit of innovation and vision for the future, Greek businesses are able to remain profitable, grow their operations and give the economy a new perspective. We continue to support the leaders of the Greek economy, as well as every effort that creates value, new jobs and a better future for young people".

The Competition

Every year we select 250 companies, whose course of growth is worth disseminating through the awards procedures. These 250 companies are selected through the gathering of information from published financial statements of over 8,000 companies operating in Greece, through key financial ratios, and through enriching these financial data with qualitative features.

Regarding the evaluation procedure, it should be noted that the financial statements of 8,000 companies are analyzed, by applying Grant Thornton’s “Financial Growth/Health Matrix”. The evaluation criteria manage to combine the logic of numbers with the human element. 

The Awards

So far there have been four successful Growth Awards ceremonies in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020. This year we recognize 6 different businesses with a focus on "responsible development". The categories are as follows:

  • Research & Innovation
  • Extroversion
  • Human Resources & Corporate Culture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development
  • Digital Evolution
  • Business Excellence

For more information you can find the winners of Growth Awards 2020 here and find more material about the ceremony on the links below: