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Growth Awards 2021

It all started with Grant Thornton’s and Eurobank’s shared vision to reward businesses that persist, manage to differentiate themselves, innovate, stand out and dare to dream. This is how Growth Awards were first created.

Nowadays, Growth Awards have been fully embraced by the business community and enjoy a nationwide appeal. They are the first Awards in Greece to award growth and competitiveness. Moreover, they are the first award to highlight businesses that combine high financial performance with a successful modern business story, and that create new jobs and help in shaping a new landscape of entrepreneurship and workplace culture in Greece.

Growth Awards 2021

Preparing for Recovery: Optimism returns to Greek Entrepreneurship

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In his statement, the CEO of Grant Thornton, Mr. Vassilios Kazas, stated the following: "Today, we are once again rewarding the entrepreneurship that builds up a better tomorrow. The modern anthropocentric entrepreneurship, proceeding through innovations with a vision and purpose, withstanding the ever-changing needs and evolving through them, while investing in the domestic economy. For the fifth consecutive year, at Grant Thornton and Eurobank, we see how the entities embrace our institution, which supports and rewards the companies that combine high financial performance with a successful business history, while contributing to reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape and the labor culture in our country. The modern entrepreneurship we are rewarding today is turning the obstacles caused by the pandemic crisis into opportunities, laying the foundations for sustainable business and social development. It is a matter of shared obligation for all of us - in the business and non-business world - to face up to tomorrow and evolve through the challenges it brings about. Therefore, we continue to firmly support entrepreneurship protagonists as well as any effort generating value and urging new drive to boost our economy.".

The Competition

“Growth Awards” are the first Development & Competitiveness Awards giving prominence to companies with achievements that inspire the creation of a modern, dynamic and competitive Greece. In addition, “Growth Awards” reward the dynamics of Greek companies that stand out in crucial sectors, according to each year’s global business trends.

The evaluation process for the winners’ selection involves the use of special analysis for financial fundamentals of around 8.000 companies based on Grant Thornton’s “Financial Growth/Health Matrix” but also on the companies’ true stories.

The Awards

So far there have been five successful Growth Awards ceremonies in 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. This year we recognize 6 different businesses with a focus on the motto "from the ability to distinguish, to the power of distinguishing oneself".

The six (6) companies that were awarded this year per category are:

  • Dynamic Growth  |  PAPOUTSANIS SA
  • Research & Innovation  |  FLEXOPACK SA
  • Extroversion  |  THRACE GROUP
  • Digital Evolution  |  SKROUTZ SA
  • Environmental, Social & Governance  |  VITEX SA
  • Business Excellence  |  Constantakopoulos family (COSTAMARE Inc., TEMES SA, FALIRO HOUSE, "Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos" Foundation)


For more information you can find the winners of Growth Awards 2021 here and find more material about the ceremony on the links below:

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